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THE WARDROBE: Santander Post-Covid Innovation Award Winners 2020
Founded by Frankie Thompson
Built and Designed by Em Tanner 
Produced by Beth Sitek 
Artwork by Sam Bruce

The Wardrobe was funded by The Santander Innovation Award which we won in August 2020. The award recognised the need to create new ventures which could respond and adapt to changing coronavirus guidelines. Our main focus was about creating a portable space that could travel to audiences for whom arts spaces are not accessible,  like deliveroo but for theatre. The piece packs down completely to fit on public transport, has its own lighting and sound system and can transform into a puppet theatre, DJ Booth, vanishing cabinet and more. The space is designed to look like a west-end theatre, complete with cherubs and gold brocade. By placing a west-end design inside a wardrobe, we wanted to satirically highlight the inaccessibility of west-end spaces for diverse audiences and early career artists, both before, during and most probably after the coronavirus crisis. In this way the space is itself a satirical artwork. The space was designed and built by Em Tanner. The Open Doors Cabaret will be a debut for The Wardrobe.

Supported by Camden People's Theatre, Soho Theatre Young Company, Poplar Union and Arts Council England